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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Again, I said new releases (titles that are new to any media format such as dvd, bluray, hddvd)!!! You do know what a new release is?
Thanks for clarifying what you meant by new releases (new to all formats, not just high-def formats)... even if it took another three "!!!"

Well, then since the MAJORITY of Warner's HD DVD titles aren't "New Releases" by that definition, and therefore not combo-discs, that still would suggest that by not providing a warning, consumers are going to get confused and buy the wrong disc product on sites like Amazon where there is NO obvious visible statement that the product isn't for standard DVD players (ie, 4 out of 5 discs in the HP box set, where there is no warning unlike the blue, won't play on a DVD player).
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