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Default Re: Pioneer Kuro Plamsa HDTVs

In reading the report I cannot believe that a $5000 tv set does not have a setting to blacken the side bars from grey. My brother just bought a Samsung 5054 Plasma and this set has that feature. You can also set each input for what color temperature or name not-what adjustements you desire. At a sale price of $1100, if he needed he could have bought over 4 Samsungs for the price of the Pioneer. Although I have not seen it, his friend bought the Sony LCD XBR5 50 incher for a steal at $2800 and in fact bought two of them. I have not seen the set play, but my brother says it is magnificent.

I have great respect for Pioneer for they brought big screen tv out of the dark ages so many years back with there first 40 inch projector set that was the rage of reviewers. I have liked their dvd players as well for the picture quality they deliver thanks to their research on bringing the laserdisc to market to function so well. But for the money they charge, there should not be a fault in such a set that they make as the Kuros and they should be fully adjustable on all inputs as to the choice of what the buyer desires in his picture quality. Not having a side black bar setting is totally inexcusable.
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