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Thumbs up Re: Vinyl Outsells SACD and DVD-Audio combined in 2006

Yes, you are Ken for sure!! But seriously, you do not necessarily have to go there as far as price. One of my favorite turntables is the VPI Series. The VPI TNT-HRX is a very nice table, but for about $2500.00 the VPI Aries Scoutmaster is a great turntable in my opinion. And with VPI, they give you many different iterations and choices of motors and tone arms.

Also, back in the day when most people believed Linn was king, the Sota Cosmos, to me was a great turntable. So, you do not have to go crazy, just cause you can. Buy a nice cartridge, get some Last perservative record cleaner, and your good.

I still love vinyl.
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