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Default Re: Study Shows "Non-Audiophiles" Can't Hear Difference Between 64 and 256 kbps MP3 F

All of us who visit sites such as this one tend to be passionate about music. We want it to sound as good as it can get. We want the best equipment we can afford. The average Joe feels that there is no point in demanding higher resolution audio when his $100.00 a pair speakers couldn't reproduce the difference anyway. None of the people I work with have ever heard of FLAC, and very few of them know what a WAV file is. When I say to them that I do not own any MP3s they are dumbfounded as to why I do not care to have 3000 songs on my player. They just can't comprehend why I would waste a whole CD/R for one album's worth of music when with MP3s I could get many, many more songs on the same CD/R.

I'm not surprised at all to learn that someone has compared one inferior format with another inferior format and concludes that only audiophiles hear a difference. Once you've accepted the compromise of compressing CD quality down to MP3 at 256Kb you've already lost that part of the sound spectrum that only high quality gear can reproduce. From that point, comparing one level of compression to another level of compression is not all that dramatic. I guarantee that if this guy would compare 96/24 with his 128k MP3 on any mid-fi system he would realize just how much has been lost.

I wish that the music industry would provide us with the highest resolution possible and let us decide as individuals how much compression we can live with. For me that would be none!

Where do we end up if we continue to use the logic that the difference between 192/24 and 94/24 is so slight as to make the higher resolution a wasted effort. That 44/16 is so close to 96/24 that it too is folly. Since only an audiophile can hear the difference between a CD and MP3@256 then 44/16 is not required.

In the end, we can all sell our 'high end' systems and buy iPods! Since there will be no hi-fidelity sources there is no since in spending all this money to reproduce it. Sigh.
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