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Default Re: Blu-ray and HD DVD in one box

Originally Posted by Telstar View Post
DScaler? I use ffdshow. Most of my libraries are still SD material.

I dont think the majors fear the geeks like us that just want to play their movie collection from hard disk. They fear duplication. To prove this, Kaleidascape (a system that costs a few dozen grands) has licenses from them and sells collection of movies in HD format (and standard as well), already ripped on drives.
I hate DRM because I have my files backupped on several different HDDs and computers and WMA files failed to play more than once. Gimme a license but dont put it on the files themselves. I dont think I'm the only one, since drm-free content is growing while protected is shrinking, expecially in the audio realm.

PS: get a better sound card if you use your pc also for music.
ffdshow is included in Dscaler . Just calling you back to let you know I have added blu-ray to my PC. I'm wondering when will a high-end audio company make a computer sound card? If someone like Lexicon, Anthem, or better yet - Outlaw or Emotiva (cost wise) would produce one - that would be crazy nice!
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