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Default Re: Software non-supportive!

Originally Posted by breanna View Post
I downloaded a WMV file from the internet that I want to use in a video, eventually to a DVD. The Pinnacle editing software does not support that file extension (only AVI or MPG). So how do I change WMV to AVI ?
Try WINAVIVideo Converter - it converts wmv to dvd, dvd to avi, wmv to avi ect. Its very simple, inexpensive and user friendly. You could also use Video Studio 11 from Ulead, or Adobe Premier, or believe it or not - Adobe Audition (2.0 or above). The lease expensive is the first one but the others give you more editing options. I didn't include Final Cut Pro because it won't do it without a compainon piece of software called Flip4Mac - Final Cut Pro cost too much not to be able to convert wmv's out the box. I've used Final Cut Pro, Media 100, Ulead Studio Pro 8, Video Studio 10, Movie Maker, Adobe Premier, WinAVIVideo Converter, and Adobe Audition. As a matter of fact why won't you just use windows free utility Windows Movie Maker? It has general editing features and it will let you save your file as an AVI.
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