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Default Re: Defintive Technolgy TRINITY SUB

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I looked into getting one but I already have enough bass for my room, that thing is HUGE!!!!!

18"x18"x31" and able to put out something like 128 dB @ 20 Hz????

I hope you don't share any walls with neighbors, or better yet live far from them!
Luckily, I live in a house and not an apartment.
Wow! This thing was a total beast to move around.
I finally got the Trinity installed in the left corner of my room, slightly behind the left BP7000SC. At first I hooked up both the LFE & the Low-Level RCA L+R inputs because I wanted to hear the Trinity with both 2-Ch Stereo Music and 5.1 Movies.

Iím a separate components person, so I donít use a receiver for my audio. I donít even like my audio mix with video in the same box. So I use four Acurus RL-11 stereo preamps and four Acurus 200X3 amps, since 7.1 Channels require 8 separate channels. Iím also nuts on bi-amping, even though theyíre just passive.

In addition to the Trinity Sub, my speaker system includes the BP7000SC (2), CLR3000 (1), SM450 (4) for Surrounds & Rears.

I have all my channels set to 65 dBC and the LFE channel set to 70 dBC using a digital SPL meter. They are all manually tuned, of course. I have all my channels in my Panasonic DMP-BD10A & Toshiba HD-XA1 set to Large + Subwoofer.

For music, I thought it was OVERPOWERING because the BP7000SCs already had tremendous bass. And the gain controls on the BP7000SCs were set to 11 oíclock. Any additional bass was simply overkill for me. I would have to cut down the bass on the BP7000SCs, which I did not want to. Thus, I ended up using just the LFE input, and unhooked the Low-Level RCA inputs. So the Trinity will be used just for movies.
I believe the BP7000SCs by themselves work just fine for movies as well. But I actually want OVERKILL BASS when it comes to movies, unlike music! So I would have to crank the gain controls way up on the BP7000SCs to achieve overkill bass. Since Iím 50/50 on music and movies, I prefer not having to change the gain controls back and forth everyday. Besides, I love the looks of the Trinity Sub. It looks very MANLY.

The Trinity sounded like an EARTHQUAKE! It scared the living daylights out of me! I thought the walls and ceiling were going to collapse. This thing is the real deal. Every single movie seemed like it had tremendous bass. I truly heard bass I did not realize were present.

Well, guys, I am really, really impressed with the Trinity Sub. Now I am re-watching a lot of my BLU-RAY and HD DVD movies to catch up on all the bass that I have been missing. The BP7000SCs produce more bass than any other speakers Iíve ever listened to. And to say that the Trinity has actually augmented or improved on the BP7000SCsí bass is a tremendous compliment.

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