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Default Re: Blu-ray problems

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

No monitor/projector will display 1080p via DVI or component that I am aware of.
Agreed - over component, but over DVI (I) that's a different story. I can give you many models but here's just one for instance:

Sceptre x24wg-Naga 24" Widescreen LCD - DVI 2ms, WUXGA 1920x1200, VGA, DVI, Black

I also have a WUXGA monitor at work (I have a special Oxygen video card for it) made by a company called SGI connected via DVI. By the way, peep Nvidia's XHD technology here's the link to quote Nvidia "Go beyond standard high definition (HD) and experience Extreme High Definition (XHD) Ė the ultimate widescreen, ultra-high-resolution PC experience. XHD has over 4x the picture clarity of native 1080i HD televisions and 2x the picture clarity of 1080p HD televisions and letís you play the hottest PC games and applications in widescreen mode."

The computer industry is very forward thinking - I know of only a few wuxga projectors (none that I could afford) but quite a few monitors. The tech is there over DVI (component cable is bandwidth limited to 1080i)
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