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Default Re: Blockbuster chooses Blu-Ray

Strutter, you make a few very good points. Yes, you have the late bloomers to the DVD game. And yes, HD will probably be around for a while. However, with all you said about the wallyworld consumer, do these people need to have a format war?
That to me, just makes things more confusing and complicated for them. They want to go home, hit play, and watch. HDMI, HDCP copy protection, special cables, this is not helping them at all.

Lets not forget that they now must change their video libraries. Lets say another video rental establishment chooses HD DVD. Then, what do we have?

My position, though not popular, is that, the high end AV industry did not need this now. Custom Home installation is experiencing its greatest period. This is the time where the expertise and knowledge of the high end and specialty dealers should come to the fore front. But instead, whether it is greed, ego, or pride, we have companies reminding us of the Beta vs. VHS battle.
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