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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post
It's a valid point to consider.

And after years of yearing how "the Name 'HD DVD' better connects with customers than the unfamiliar 'blu-ray Disc'" let's not suddenly pretend that DVD consumers, who see the "DVD" name on the HD DVD box... who just bought an HDTV... might be a little confused and no, the name "Blu-ray Disc" does not produce the same level of confusion about compatibility with DVD players... that's the flip side of the coin of picking a new and unfamiliar name. Anyone who thinks this is a farce just needs to spend 10 minutes in any aisle at any local B&M like Target, Best-Buy, or Walmart and listen to a few conversations and ask a few questions. The same story has played out in every store I've visitied in the last several months (I actually avoid B&M stores because it gets so frustrating with the lack of knowledgable sales staff to help)
All I can say is you live in a different world than the rest of us!!! I wonder if you are seeing people buy hddvd combos which will play in every dvd player. You do realize all Warner and Universal new releases are combos that have a dvd side!!! So there is no confusion about it!! Also if you haven't noticed the cases are considerably smaller and are packaged in red or blue cases to differentiate them from dvd's. Much like dvd audio cases were different than cd cases. Initially Universal dvd's were in cd cases and Universal stopped this due to the fact it was confusing to consumers.

Sorry I don't any more people buying hddvd's for thier dvd player than I do people buying dvd-r's for thier cdr labtop. Give people a little credit and don't treat them like total idiots. They have been choosing between formats successfully for years. No, I don't think people have trouble picking up a minidv tape when they own a minidv camcorder. I don't think they are picking up vhs-c tapes for their minidv camcorder. I don't think people 20 years ago were buying cassette tapes for their cd player any more than they were buying laserdiscs for their record player!!! People aren't as stupid as you make them out to be. There are just people that make stupid and baseless assumptions!!
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