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Talking Re: Blu-ray problems

New update and I hope final:

Found out that Nvidia came out with a new forceware driver in November. Installed it and now my blu-ray works perfectly!!!!! I decided to do a triple check of everything and I ran the BD advisor for my software one more time - It used to be all green but then it came back red on HDCP and my video driver (they were green before). That's when I looked for a possible new driver - works great! I know a lot of you purist would never let a PC into your rig - but when my cash flow changed - I had to change. Now my money is starting to look like it used to, but I'm not a quick to buy on impulse. My computer has served as a backup preamp and my receiver serves as my preamp and backup amps. I'm changing with the times but I still like quality (but inexpensive quality). Thanks for all the suggestions - now lets see how the battle fairs at my home..
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