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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

You know as well as I do that if the item is opened a return is not possible!! Give people a little credit here. They are not stupid enough to buy the hddvd boxset for their dvd player. All the boxsets clearly state dvd, hddvd and bluray. The argument could run the same for bluray.
It's a valid point to consider.

And after years of yearing how "the Name 'HD DVD' better connects with customers than the unfamiliar 'blu-ray Disc'" let's not suddenly pretend that DVD consumers, who see the "DVD" name on the HD DVD box... who just bought an HDTV... might be a little confused and no, the name "Blu-ray Disc" does not produce the same level of confusion about compatibility with DVD players... that's the flip side of the coin of picking a new and unfamiliar name. Anyone who thinks this is a farce just needs to spend 10 minutes in any aisle at any local B&M like Target, Best-Buy, or Walmart and listen to a few conversations and ask a few questions. The same story has played out in every store I've visitied in the last several months (I actually avoid B&M stores because it gets so frustrating with the lack of knowledgable sales staff to help).

Most stores I know of are required to have their cashiers to question the customer on if they know it won't work in a DVD player.

In all the Blu-ray Disc purchases I've made at my Target, Best-Buy, Circuit City, and Costco over the past year, I've NEVER once had a single sales-person or check-out cashier stop me to double-check if I understood that my disc wouldn't play on a DVD player. Anyone who thinks that the part-time teen employees manning the check-out lanes at Walmart have been trained to interrogate HD DVD/BD customers as he/she scans their items is grossly misinformed.

I'm not suggesting that Blu-ray picked a better name... actually I like the name "HD DVD" more on its own merit. But it is certainly confusing especially for consumers who aren't even aware of HD DVD/BD media and just think it's a DVD for their new HDTV... which of course is correct... only with the caveat of needing a new player.

Even more curious is that if you go to and look up the Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD version of the Harry Potter Box set, you'll see the warning: "IMPORTANT NOTICE: This disc is a high-definition disc and is compatible only with Blu-ray players. It will not play on a standard DVD player. Click here to see our selection of Blu-ray players." with the blu-ray version, but *NOT* with the HD DVD version! It's not hard to imagine that shoppers who don't even know about the BD/HD DVD format war... or HD media at all for that matter... could easily order the HD DVD by mistake thinking that it's a "DVD" since it has it in big bold letters right on the top of the package.

Not sure why Amazon puts a warning of incompatibility with DVD drives on the Blu-ray set but not on the listing of the HD DVD, but I'm sure it's not helping consumers who aren't familiar with the new high-def format landscape.

I think the biggest news to me anyway is that the Samsung unit for $300 soldout at Best Buys everywhere. While they raised the price on the A3 to $249 (but still sell them).

The problem for the BDA is that there were only around 35,000 Samsung players to begin with....
Agreed. Sony just dropped the price of one of their new units as well. Given how well the Toshiba players have been selling at these lower price-points, I'll be interested to see if stand-alone BD hardware sales pick up now that the BD camp has taken the same approach to cutting hardware costs.

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