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Exclamation Re: Just got slamed by old man winter!

Well, this week has been a nightmare!!
I've been a Firefighter for over 26 years & this was the worst week I've ever had!

Here's a few facts,
The Ice storm started last Sunday (12-9-07), at one point 265,000 of the aprox 300,000 homes in Tulsa were without power.
In a "normal" year Tulsa averages 700 structure fires a year, we have had over 220 this week!
15 deaths attributed to the ice storm, 5 in house fires.

We work 24 hours on & 48 hours off.
So I worked Sunday, Wednesday & Saturday this week.
My crew & I made 23 house fires & dozens of carbon monoxide detectors going off, more downed power lines than I can count & many car wrecks.
When we weren't on a run we were cutting limbs & dragging brush out of the streets so we could get the fire trucks into the neighborhoods.
Many times we would just clear one scene & get assigned to another, we only spent a couple of hours in the station in 3-24 hour shifts.
I haven't even had time to clear the downed limbs out of my own yard but I did get my parents trees all cut up & helped a couple of neighbors who couldn't even get out of their yards.

I don't have to go back to work until Friday & I hope things are close to normal by then.
Until then I will finally get my yard cleared & I received my copy of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue from Japan & I hope to spend a lot of time playing video games & watching Blu-Ray movies.
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