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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

You know as well as I do that if the item is opened a return is not possible!! Give people a little credit here. They are not stupid enough to buy the hddvd boxset for their dvd player. All the boxsets clearly state dvd, hddvd and bluray. The argument could run the same for bluray. Shill Hunt made the same crap argument to no avail. The kicker is with hddvd combos they do play in your dvd player. As well every hddvd I have purchased at BB, CC, etc. The person at the register asks do you own a hddvd player? Smart move admittedly and I am sure they do the same with bluray.

The other problem we have is most salesman know nothing about these products. Most of these people would not know what BD spec 1.1 was to save their lives. I talked to a salesman about a bluray player as I will not buy one till this is implmented and he thought I was referring to the HDMI port. I have talked to salesman at BB that said hddvd players were only capable of 720p. They were quickly corrected. Nobody that sells these actually has a player at home and all they see is the display in the store.

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