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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

I meant it if you BD people want to win go buy Harry Potter today. Plus Warners says that the majority of their titles are also sold at Wal-Mart where HD DVD apparently does better.
Now, not saying that HP is selling nicely on HD DVD, *but* I wonder how many of those Harry Potter HD DVDs will get returned after Christmas when families discover they won't play in their DVD player.

Just walking the aisles at Target and Best-Buy, the conversations taking place around HD DVD and BD shelf-areas are pretty entertaining. While most consumers assume that the Blu-ray Discs won't play in their player because... they don't say "DVD" on them... I continually hear people talk about how they need to get the "HD DVD" because they just got an HDTV and their old DVDs "won't work right on the new TV" or some other nonesense. These folks clearly don't have playback hardware of either HD format... but they often grab those red-labeled discs without reading the fine print and head off to the register.

Just curious... when these sales are counted, do "returns" ever get tracked?
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