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Default Re: Blu-ray problems

Originally Posted by tstar1234 View Post
Buy a stand alone player. It doesn't surprise me one bit that it crashes. PC's crash! That is what they do best. A computer is nothing more than a neccesary evil. It has no place in my home theatre
I'm sorry, more than likely I didn't make myself clear House of Flying Daggers did work in my PC - it worked extremely well! I'm holding off on the stand-alone due to the fact that the one in my price range still has some of the same problems that PC's have. I use my PC as a tester for new formats if possible. I would hate to spend money on a stand-alone beta (that would be like buying a Screenplay for Non-linear editing when you know how to use Avid, Ulead, Vegas or another inexpensive editor). I test the waters on the shallow end first - and after watching others 400.00+ mistakes, I may make a $150 mistake but its easier to get back to shore (Not enough life boats for me to totally sail with blu-ray ... yet).

I did the same thing with HD-DVD, attached it to my PC (that was a no brainer because it was free ) and went from there. From my experience, I would buy the $98.00 special at Wal-mart and I haven't regretted it since. I will eventually buy a stand-alone Blu-Ray - when the format stablizes across the board (interpetation - when all blu-rays play on all players - not just the PS3 - I don't need another gaming machine - I have enough). Blu-Ray is where HD-DVD was 7 months ago (at least with me). It will get there - patience is a virtue.
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