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Default Re: Blu-ray problems

Blu-ray update: I bought House of Flying Daggers - beautiful piece of work and it works. This kinda finally proves it for me - blu-ray is iffy - some work and when they do - its beautiful and some don't. I can't blame the PC or anything - While running blu-ray on House of Flying Daggers I didn't use more than 19 percent of my cpu resources! Even Meet the Robinsons didn't get pass 30 percent - It just wouldn't work right. I think I'm going to hold off on my blu-ray stand-alone purchase and wait for the format to settle or lose. I have blu-ray for under $200.00 (doesn't play every blu-ray but neither does the samsung - as I have made serveral enquiries and see several different reviews). I've paid the price for jumping early before (can anyone say mini-disc, early dvd adopter, and the worst of all Vista). I jumped on Vista just for HD/Blu-ray (purevideo HD was only availabe for Vista machines only until November - thank you Nvidia for finally releasing an XP driver) uninstalled Vista immediately and put it up until the future.

I try to take the path of least risk, if I get burned - at least it won't hurt that much. These are the pains of early adopters or as we call them in IT land "Beta testers" - Beta-Blu - that has a nice ring to it
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