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Default Re: Blu-ray titles win big at First Ever High-Def Disc Awards

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
oKAY. wHAT FOUR areas did HD DVD win?
Best Audio quality - Transformers HD-DVD

Best Live Action HD-DVD - Hot Fuzz (they gave an award for each format in this one so it shouldn't count)

Best Bonus Feature - 300 HD-DVD

Most inovative use of Technology - HD DVD U-Shop feature (Internet purchase ability), Universal Studios Home Entertainment

These's awards are kind of suspicious to me because of the purpose of the group - which is as follows "Home Media Magazine delivers news, analysis, market research, product reviews and marketing updates to give studio executives, retailers, distributors, technology providers, marketers and suppliers of ancillary products and services a one-stop resource to help grow their businesses and increase profits" This is about money and the ability of studios (in which Blu-ray has the most) to make money and increase profits. I would like to put the acadamy award winning Happy Feet (best animation - yes better than Rat) Blu-ray against HD-DVD, or better yet the top 7 dual format dvd's against one another.

This is all spin. I enjoyed watching Meet the Robinsons in 480p - because it played! I enjoyed it in blu-ray until it stopped working! My wife said the SD version is better because it works (and I can upscale it to 720p via my PC no problem). They all look lovely, but who's the real winner - DVD - it's killing both formats right now.
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