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Default Re: Why do people dislike Firmware updates??

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

I see your point, and take my Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray player for instance. Great machine, and yes the new firmware has added new features to it. That said, they are a PITA to do. For me, a MAC user, I need to download the file, copy it to a CD, go to the girls PC, open the file to extract it (only works on PC's) then burn a CD of the new file, back to the MAC where I have a DVD burner and copy that to a DVD. Then spent the fifteen or twenty minutes, which is hopefully NOT when the family wants to watch the new movie we just got, and go through the setup menus and restore my previous settings.

Now, I am used to hassles like this from playing with all kinds of new gear on a regular basis, that said, it's a PITA, if it bothers me, how many others just won't even be bothered??
kennyt,You are right. And this is what I`ve been saying for a while. Its not about Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD. Though, it definitely seems Blu-Ray on average has more playback issues. Its about, why do we need to go thru this at all?? kennyt is right, it is a, an excuse me, a PITA, sorry, and some people will not want to be bothered, and, SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BE!!

Lotus, your right to. Most people do not have wiring to their sets. Should we expect them to? If we did, it should not be for updates!! And, as crazy and unreliable, even in todays technological age, as computers are, I can`t say that I like the fact of marrying computers with my high end equipment. That just brings in a whole other can of worms. This is my opinion, or two cents.

So now we have what we have, consumers that are still confused, disenchanted, and wondering when this so-called great technology will get better and more user friendly.
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