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Default Re: Blu-ray problems

I have a couple of PS3's and they play blu-ray discs just fine. I didn't want to get another PS3 for my main family system for playing BD, so I picked up a BD-P1400 online for $343 (would've waited if I had known Costco were going to get them!).

What a disappointing experience.

I can live with the 30-40 sec load times -- I was expecting it.

Throwing in the new Pirates disc though, it took forever to finally get to the display the main menu.

But here's the thing that drives me insane. Since it's the main family system, there are usually interruptions -- kids, phone, etc -- so pausing the movie is common. I put the movie on pause, and came back to resume the movie ...... to find that the player had put itself to sleep. Pressing play to resume the movie, required a whole new boot-up sequence, menu load etc and it seemed like it was at least 2-3 minutes before the movie would play again ..... from the beginning!!! It had lost it's place completely! I can't believe what a frustrating experience this was.

I purchased one of the very first DVD players available -- I think it set me back $1300. I had absolutely EVERY confidence this format was a winner; I had no doubts whatsoever. And this was a time when the software selection was like 20 of the crappiest movies ever made (the movies that the studios were trying to pawn off on an undeserving customer base). It didn't matter; the medium was too perfect not to be a roaring success.

I have no such confidence in either of the high-resolution disc formats. To be honest, the only chance that I see for success is that combo players become (a) prevalent, (b) cheap and (c) reliable with a good user-experience. Other than that, I am unfortunately very pessimistic -- and I've been the guy that has been waiting desperately for HD since '93.

What appears to have happened is a two-fold refusal to learn from history:
* Ignoring the whole betamax vs VHS format war
* Ignoring the whole success of DVD
I assert that the success of DVD was because it was an immediate out-of-box fantastic user-experience. It was pleasing on every aspect, it had no drawbacks with competing media; it was immediate user-gratification, the software was cheap (or only modestly more expensive that a videotape).

I think the whole of Hollywood should be sent up on criminal negligence. Sure, I'm being sarcastic, but it's like they got together around a big conference table and brainstormed for 3 weeks trying to answer the question "How can we doom this format to guaranteed failure, alienate our customers, induce mass apathy, and hurt our shareholders the most ?". If BD or HD-DVD succeed, it is *in spite of* their efforts, not because of them. Their industry is almost unique in the aspect that they seemed to be their own worst enemy. They fought tooth'n'nail to prevent VHS from being available, and now a substantial amount of revenue is directly derived from *losing* this battle. Imagine if they had got their way back then ? There would be no VHS, certainly no DVD, no HD format of any kind. It's a pity that there was no legal intervention this time to protect them against themselves. What a sad, sad state of affairs.

Sorry for the long rant, I just find this topic to be hugely frustrating. All of hollywood and the hardware manufacturers need their collective heads knocked together.
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