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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by Mornelithe View Post
Yawn, still doctoring the details to suit your needs I see. Whatever, think what you will man, I don't honestly care. BR software and hardware sales speak for themselves. Any person who really looks at this in an unbiased manner would see through your half-truths.

Btw, 72% of market share in Europe, and 95% of market share in Australia most likely constitutes a bit more than 1.1 to 1. Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure your math just doesn't add up.
Ok you're crazy.

What does Australia and its market have to do with anything? Europe too for that matter.

I didn't know we even thought of them when discussing Black Friday numbers.

Doctoring details? There are 80 some odd more titles available on BD than HD DVD. The only way you can truly grade sales is on similar titles.

Obviously the new players that HD DVD that are flat out killing BD with are going to be buying new titles because that's just the way consumers are.

So you're saying that the sales of this week don't matter?

I thought BD was supposed to keep that 3 to 1 edge?

They aren't. Because the new HD DVD owners appear to be buying HD DVDs and they seem to like Bourne Ultimatum which could possibly be the first 200K title in a week.
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