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Default Re: Blu-ray problems

I got the player and immediately installed the firmware update from early-mid November just to get the DTS MAster HD bitstream audio support. The player has played every disc thus far. Eeven Spider-man 3, Hairspray, Ratatouille, Cars, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Cast Away, Superbad, and Pirates At World's End. And all of those were released well after the player's firmware which is a good sign.

I just read reports yesterday that "Live Free or Die Hard" does not play on the player. I have yet to try this disc. I was going to try it tonight. However, Samsung released another firmware update specifically for that disc. The lastest firmware build available for download is version 1.2 build date 12/11/2007. This firmware apparently also makes all discs load faster. Like I said I was going to try all this tonight. I'll let you know.

With that said, the BDP1400 is a solid Blu-ray player. I use it for Blu-ray and SD DVD. I highly recommend it. The new Panasonic is supposed to be decent, but it is more expensive and does not handle SD DVD deinterlacing very well. Go with the Samsung. You won't be disappointed.
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