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Default Re: Study Shows "Non-Audiophiles" Can't Hear Difference Between 64 and 256 kbps MP3 F

Originally Posted by Magoo View Post
I have two Comments:

I think Jerry C's way of bringing you to the forum to get the "full Story" is a bit of a hoax just to get his site to grow.

Clearly, wants readers, a lot of them. However, to call our linking the story from our main site to a hoax is a bit much. We do this in order to give users, (like yourself), a place to make comments (like you did) immediately after you read a news story which many users like to do (like yourself).

Before the advent of the AVRevforum readers would simply read stories then either write Jerry or myself e-mails wanting to discuss or have to post their thoughts about our content elsewhere. Hence why we created the forum.

Our readers are as good as they get and this forum and topics such have these have only showcased that fact. But unlike other audio sites, blogs, or forums we do not judge here and we say the more the merrier.
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