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TRAVISG, Tom Sarratt, I am also a fan of Sunfire equipment. In my deejay years, when we could afford it, we traded our Dynaco and Crown power amplifiers for the Phase Linear amps. Plenty of power, reserve, dynamics and bass. Oddly enough, at that time, their equipment was more expensive, then the Dynaco and Crown amplifiers.
To me Bob Carver, has always gotten a raw deal. Its almost like, the AV industry was jealous, that he could turn out high quality equipment, at not Mark Levinson prices. (205 watt per channel Magnetic Field Amp) I remember back then, The Absolute Sound would not even review, their stuff. Now, all of a sudden, everyone has jumped on the bandwagon.
Who makes the best amp? How can you really answer that?
Classe`, Halcro, Mark Lev, etc. are all great amps.However, where does price fit in? Can we not get speed, transparency, detail, delicacy at a good price. I believe Sunfire does. I would put Anthem products in their as well. The best amp COULD be one that emcompasses all of what you say Tom, and still not cost a house. Is their a difference between Sunfire, Anthem and a Mark Levinson and a McIntosh or Halcro, sure, but now, how much more?
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