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Default Re: PS3 named "Disc player of the year"

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Yeah and does Sony throw massive ammounts of advertising at them?

The EISA are the only ones who did anything smart.

The PS3 product of the year for Home Theaters?

It deserves this why? So you can own the number 3 gaming console and an ok BD player?

Seriously why exactly does it deserve this?
You'd have to ask them why they thought it deserved it, I don't work for any of those places, I'm just reporting what they said.

My guess is the fact it plays every kind of disc except DVD-A, is a decent Blu-Ray player, is an inexpensive first step for most people into Blu-Ray & media servers & is constantly being upgraded through firmware updates probably has something to do with it.

Oh and I'm sure Toshiba also advertises with those magazine.
I'm sure they would be thrilled with your saying their editorial content could be bought.

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