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Default Re: Price vs. Performance

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

Have you heard the Mythos ST's in your own room/system? Maqggies with an Outlaw sub aren't gonna outperform them!

Go listen to them set up well, and come back and tell me if you still believe your statement, or are you one of the Maggie heads you speak of? If so, I can understand the bias.
In my own room? No.

Have I heard them in a good setup? Yes.

Will the Mythos sound better in certain situations? Sure, but a pair cost three times as much. Do they have the midrange of the Maggies? No. Do they have the soundstage of the Maggies? Just about. You'll get better bass and better imaging from the Mythos STs too.

They are two different sounds, and for the money of $1100 to $1300 for a complete 5.1 system are extremely hard to beat. Price vs Performance as this thread is titled, I'd give that to the Maggies.

I would put the 1.6 up against the Mythos STs with little hesitance due to my tastes, but again you'd want a nice sub. If I'm spending $1800 for a pair of speakers I'm likely going to cough up the extra $1200 for the Gallo Reference speaker or an extra $1600 for the Avalon Symbols.

I have never owned Maggies, but I've admired them for many many years. I personally went the Martin Logan route. It's not a route I regret taking either. I miss my CLS speakers.

It's just that over the years I've come to realize if there is a sweet deal in high end audio as far as price to performance ratio... Maggies has been a steal for 30 some odd years. There is a magic to planar speakers and to be able to taste that magic for $299 is a really sweet deal. For $550 you get an excellent taste. For $750 you get amazing speakers that definately sound better then the majority of under $1k speakers out there.

The guy is looking to spend $1500 total, and can you think of a better setup than the Maggie/Outlaw for $1300? The soundstage and midrange alone are sometimes unmatched by speakers that cost 4 times as much. Even the Home Theater in the Round can't truly match them.

If they can work in that basement they fit his budget, and I honestly can't think of a better sound for the price. I thought really hard too, because I wanted to be helpful.

I should have clarified in what categories the Maggies would outperform the Def Techs and in what categories they wouldn't. I meant it as a statement in the whole of Price/Performance ratio. The Maggies do imho outperform the Deftechs taken in that light.
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