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Default Re: Price vs. Performance

Originally Posted by belizebound View Post
Guys, a Def Tech 5.1 system with Mythos towers would still be serious money for my kid's basement TV. How about at a $1500 price point for a 5.1 system? Anything better than those Aperions?
For $897 you can get a center and four speakers from Magnepan through them directly:

I warn you.... those that buy Magnepan rarely if ever buy another brand of speaker. I believe Stereophile did a questionaire once with their readers and found that something like 99% of Magnepan owners would buy another Maggie first.

The Center is $299. The MMG-W is $299. If you just get an MMG for floor standing fronts they are $550. I warn you though... while the MMG-Ws are nice, the MMG is actually a Quasi-Ribon design and is even more enticing.

Then go over to and pick up an LFM-2 for like $230 with a Christmas special.

That is $1,100 to $1,350 and it will honestly outperform those Def Techs.

The reason Maggies don't get their due is because they rarely upgrade their speakers. So you only hear about them the year a new model comes out. Then they win awards and everyone says what a steal they are.

At some point I think everyone should own some Maggies or Martin Logans... but if you're looking for the best surround sound for $1,500 or less you can't beat those Maggies...

but I'd also suggest the Anthony Gallo Home Theater in the Round, which is a HT in a box set of speakers. They kick butt at around $1k. Still if the Maggies will work you really can't beat them at that price point.
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