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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post
No. Toshiba's proposal was for single-layer dual side. Just like laserdisc. They called it SD for "super Density Disc"

Dual-layer was Sony's concept.

The DVD forum married the two concepts into the unified DVD format we enjoy today. The spec allows for dual layer and/or dual side. Several early DVDs were indeed "flippers" just as Toshiba's format would have resulted. T2 was the industry's first continuous-play dual-layer disc to follow Sony's concept in full. It's the pattern of virtually every feature-title authored to DVD today.

Ok this is all FUD by you or revisionist Sony history or something.

Phillips created the MultiMedia CD. Sony jumped on and helped make some revisions. I find it amusing the dual layered MMCD from Phillips is being referred by you as "Sony's idea." I'm sure the brilliant men at Phillips love you labeling their brain child "Sony's concept."

Meanwhile the entire rest of the industry from JVC, Pioneer, Matsu****a, and yes Toshiba were behind the SuperDensityDisc or SDD. SDD became DVD....

but how?

Well you see Lou over at IBM said "Guys we can't have another VHS vs Beta!!!" Then Lou got Phillips involved in making a revision to SDD. They combined many aspects of the 2 techs, but primarily the scratch resistance, etc. The changes were referred to as Revision 1.5 and it became DVD as we know it today.

Because some of the tech from MMCD was used both Sony and Phillips were able to make money off DVD. Meanwhile Toshiba and Time Warner who helped develop SDD together got a piece too.

This is what Time Warner and Toshiba hoped would happen between the two formats today.... and it may have happened if Stringer had been CEO of Sony at the time. He unfortunately wasn't.
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