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Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
There is what they call "The Sentinel", then "The ISIS", and also the Eidolon Diamond. Just from the names, it makes you want to hear what the speakers. Though its been a while, the few reviews I have read, have been overwhelmingly positive. Though it seems its dealer network is small. And I have never seen Avalon at a show hear in New York.

But of course, I also have not been to CEDIA or CES. Anyone have knowledge of what seem to be great and mystical speakers, Avalon?
The greatest "steal," in a surround sound system is imho their Symbol system. 4 Symbols, the Symbol Center, and Symbol subwoofer will blow you away. They were designed from the ground up as a 5.1 system and if this is what a high end audio company can do when that is their goal...


Rob Harley told me at the Denver show a few years back to go check out the Symbols. Worst mistake of my life....

Ever since I've wanted a set. They have no dealers in Texas and each time I remember that is what I want something gets in the way of me getting a set.

I've never witnessed a better Center ever....

Their Opus speakers ($14k) are also truly amazing. These speakers seem to have a lot of the midrange magic you find in Maggies and Martin Logans, but with bass that those brands would be envious of.

I really love them. I believe their Symbols ($3400 a pair) and the Anthonly Gallo 3 series ($3000 a pair) are the best speakers under $5k on the market. To me they're both complete steals.

I've hear the Eidolon Diamond too... I'm not sure if they're $35,000 good but... I was impressed.

Avalon is to me right up there with Wilson. If you have the money then you owe yourself the chance to take a listen to a pair if you're considering say Wilson.

Jerry should get a pair of Opus or the Symbol system and write a review.
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