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Default Slim Devices Squeeze Box & Slimp3

I was surprised to see a category for MP3 players and Music Servers with no existing thread for the Slim Devices' products called Squeeze Box and Slimp3.

Recently purchased by Logitech, Slim Devices has one of the most intuitive hardware/software MP3 players on the market. Affordably priced, the unit is flexible and built upon feedback from prior users. Wirelessly enabled on a local network, it can share music stored on a home computer and distribute it across a digital audio output to a main amplifier and whole house speakers.

It's even capable of mating up with other Slimp3 or Squeeze Boxes throughout the house, so they are sychronized. Unlike other products that only work by themselves, limited to just one (1) device.

Check it out at
Chris Linthicum
Annapolis, MD

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