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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

You got one thing right it was an authoring delay for FOX but more was involved than just BD+. It's not a coincidence that when they started releasing again was when BD Replication facilities had turned a major corner in replication yields in some facilities doubling and in other tripling yield rates. BD+ was also ready at the time. It is true that FOX used BD+ as one of many reasons for their delays. Profit margins was also a big reason.
Very possible. Though every reliable insider has placed the bulk of Fox's delay on BD+ security (is it just coincidence that they released product as soon as BD+ was ready, with BD+ security?). And yet that still doesn't back up any indication that they are secretly pro-HD DVD, only that there might have been factors other than just BD+ they wanted addressed to proceed. That's very different than casting their temporary absence from the HDM arena in the way it was suggested by another poster.

Where as most on here may post something wrong from being just simply mistaken. You however know better than to post things like "initially may cost a little more," and the other little digs you put in your posts. You're supposedly a journalist for DVD File right?
If that's the best example of my "FUD spin" I've committed I claim "Guilty!". yes, I have indeed suggested that BD's higher duplication costs are temporary and will shrink over time... and even if they don't exactly match replication costs of HD DVD cent for cent, I propose they will fall close enough as to become negligible... just like dual-layer DVD surcharges aren't prohibitively more than single-layer DVD manufacture today.

That "spin" of mine is *hardly* in the same area as suggesting that Toshiba's 5GB-limited continuous read DVD proposal was better than Sony's 4.7/8GB single/double-layer contintinuous-read disc we have today.

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