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Angry Blu-ray problems

Well, I now have my first experience with blu-ray and might I say it is less than comforting. I have a computer based blu-ray and my Pc exceeds all requirements for Blu-ray playback. I bought my first blu-ray film "Meet the Robinsons" only to discover that blu-ray wouldln't play it because of a protection scheme other than HDCP. Updated a utility on my computer and I'm off to the races - or at least I thought.

Movie plays fine for about 30 minutes and locks up. So I'm thinking maybe I need a firmware update or a new processor - anything! I start the movie again to see how much of my processor is being used - only 30% max on each core. I kill every process that I can, movie still stops at the same point! I didn't have this problem with HD-DVD (Xbox addon). I try different player software (I have a total of three - one was just totally useless).

I will perform a 99.1mb update patch on my main player and see if that helps. If this is what I'm to expect from blu-ray (unless I buy a PS3 which I do not want - all I want is a blu-ray, not all that other stuff) I'm in for a sad day indeed.

I believe part of the problem with blu-ray is too much protection, no standardization amongst the disc, and too many manufacturers (during an adoption phase product) which puts everything out of wack.

This reminds me of a Mac vs PC - Mac people say they buy Macs because they just work. They work because there is a limited amount of hardware designed for it - if it says Mac - it will work in it. PC's are not stanardized - you can go with Windows, Linux, ect. many different parts and such - which is good for a techie. HD-DVD works and works very well. I haven't had a bad disc yet (meaning one that would not play).

Blu-ray on the other hand - fails me out the box. Not bashing blu-ray (because I own the format now) but something has got to be done - I'm tempted to buy Meet the Robinsons in regular DVD sell the blu-ray version for $14.00 to someone with a PS3 and just upscale the DVD version. If Disney wants my blu-ray dollars it has to come better than this!
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