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Originally Posted by robwilliams View Post
I have a set of polk ls70's that I was thinking about bi-amping.I only have 1 amplifier, a 5 channel Adcom gfa-7000. Can I use 4 of the Adcom's channels to bi-amp the polk's? Also, the rca plug pre-outs on the back of my processor are for front left and front right.To split the signal for the left/right mains do I just put a y-connector on each channel thus creating 4 rca cables to run to the 4 channels on the Adcom?

Yep, you sure can use 4 channels of your Adcom.

You can split the outputs of the pro and run 4 cables - or a cheaper way would be to use the cables you are already using and put splitters at the amp instead of at the pro. Both will work.
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