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Default Re: Ratatouille on Blu-ray is awesome!

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post
Agreed. I actually pushed for native 2.35:1 encoding. My idea was rather than "anamorphic" pixels that change to non-square shapes to capture multiple aspect ratios... just use a "constant height" digital encoding method that always makes the vertial 1080, and then just extends horizontal pixels past 1920 to capture whatever native frame shape you need. Players could be designed to downconvert horizontal resolution... and constant height projection systems would have what we've always dreamed of... real 2.35:1 images with the same pixel-density of 1.78:1 images!!!
David, So what happened? Why didn't 'they' want to do this?

By encorporating a menu selection that allowed the user to set the players output to the match the display devices aspect ratio, the entire process could have been a snap!

It's a shame that widescreen ratio material doesn't (can't) fully benefit from the storage capabilities of these formats...
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