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Default Poco not in the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame Or is that Shame ?

I just read Poco one of the great Country/Rock Pop Bands is not in the HALL OF FAME. CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME ? The Byrds which begat Buffalo Springfield which begat Poco , which part of that band begat The Eagles , from which Gram Parsons and part of The Bryds again , which begat Wild Horses , which begat ....... what we call Modern Country and Nashville would not be CA$HVILLE IF IT WAS NOT FOR THAT CA. SOUND OF MOBY GRAPE/ BRYDS/ EAGLES/ POCO/ DOOBIE BROTHERS, SHOULD I GO ON !! I MIGHT HAVE SOME OF THE TIME LINE INCORRECT BUT MOST WILL GET THE DRIFT OF THIS AND IF YOU DONT , LISTEN TO SOME " country music " THAT IS OUT NOW . GARTH BROOKS etc. Poco at the Fillmore one of the best shows ever, on and off stage fights and all POCO , A GREAT BAND . LUKE

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