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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post

Without any disclosure of who you are, why should the membership assume your posts about these rumors have any credibility?
Because for starters:

I mentioned that the DVD Forum approved TL discs. That was mentioned by me in numerous posts despite the fact that it wasn't public knowledge yet.

I mentioned the Warners situation before the press.

Obviously I have some inside knowledge, but unlike others I don't want to be labelled an insider and I'm really here for AV purposes. I got involved in these discussions because of people like Steve Burke who post absolute trash about their competition. I also post because people like you who spin. Ive always found spinners are the first to call others spinners because they recognize the techniques. Your posts are filled with tons of tiny little innacuracies and I believe they're done so on purpose. Where as most on here may post something wrong from being just simply mistaken. You however know better than to post things like "initially may cost a little more," and the other little digs you put in your posts. You're supposedly a journalist for DVD File right?

And that Same Disney, for whatever reason, pressured the BDA *not* to adopt HDi when Sony, under pressure for MS, tried to get it into the BD spec!
Care to back this one up? I've heard Disney was unsatisfied with the money numbers being thrown around for HDi's use on BD, but not that they were opposed of the spec.

Bizarre I know, given that Disney had been being HDi from the beginning. This format war is something of a Soap-opera.
If it is as you claim it would be bizarre. If it's about money and their lack of getting enough it's not so bizarre.

Back to the point about a major BD defector: Both Disney and Fox feel strongly about BD+ security. I doubt that either of those studios are ready to put their films out without it given that every non-BD+ title on HD DVD/BD gets hacked in about a week.
BD+ has been cracked. The dynamic aspect of it is so poorly done it will be likely months before it is changed. Then it will just be cracked again. Lets just say that both the Studios you mentioned don't feel nearly as strongly about it today as they did say in April.

Also you don't have to label it "every non-BD+ title," because it is every title. Hard to care about something that doesn't work.

FUD of this magnitude from the HD DVD camp seems to be a daily, if not hourly ritual on the discussion boards. Just to educate those who might not know, it's been clearly established that Fox's dry-spell of releases was in expectation of BD+ security authoring tools, which became important to them after a batch of HD DVD and BD discs were hacked with relative ease within a VERY short amount of time (days after release). When that hack took place, Fox pulled HD titles until the advanced BD+ security of Blu-ray was in place.
So Peter Staddon who said it was more than just BD+ was a liar? I hate it when BD VPs spout FUD for the HD DVD camp! Those *******s!

Once BD+ was ready (it was an authoring delay, all production players supported it from day one)... Fox began to re-release Hi-def content... on BD, with BD+ security.
You got one thing right it was an authoring delay for FOX but more was involved than just BD+. It's not a coincidence that when they started releasing again was when BD Replication facilities had turned a major corner in replication yields in some facilities doubling and in other tripling yield rates. BD+ was also ready at the time. It is true that FOX used BD+ as one of many reasons for their delays. Profit margins was also a big reason.
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