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Default Radiient Home Theater Speakers

I've recently purchased my second set of home theater speakers from Radiient Technologies.
I'm quite impressed with the quality construction and great sound of the speakers; plus the exceptionally low price and free shipping.

Have others tried these speakers? I've read favorable reviews about them, comparing them with speakers in the $1,500 a pair range.

I currently own a set of the Radiient Helios speakers and purchased a set of the Calypso speakers for a friend and client. We're both estatic with them.

Eventhough they are setup as a 5.1 system (sub not included); I have not had a need for using the rear surround speakers that come with the package. But for only $250 or so, I'm not too concerned that I've wasted any money by not putting the rear channel speakers to use.

Chris Linthicum
Annapolis, MD

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