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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

if Warners goes HD DVD they're going to be followed quickly by a major studio and my bet is that it will shock 98% of BD backers.

Without any disclosure of who you are, why should the membership assume your posts about these rumors have any credibility?

Disney really wouldn't shock anyone. They voted for TL-51 and twin layer disc. They helped develop HDi and BDJ has been the achilles heel of bluray.
And that Same Disney, for whatever reason, pressured the BDA *not* to adopt HDi when Sony, under pressure for MS, tried to get it into the BD spec!

Bizarre I know, given that Disney had been being HDi from the beginning. This format war is something of a Soap-opera.

Back to the point about a major BD defector: Both Disney and Fox feel strongly about BD+ security. I doubt that either of those studios are ready to put their films out without it given that every non-BD+ title on HD DVD/BD gets hacked in about a week.

I am kind of thinking Fox if not MGM and this really shocks me. They did bail out of the high def market for over half a year due to what I believe was lackluster sales.
FUD of this magnitude from the HD DVD camp seems to be a daily, if not hourly ritual on the discussion boards. Just to educate those who might not know, it's been clearly established that Fox's dry-spell of releases was in expectation of BD+ security authoring tools, which became important to them after a batch of HD DVD and BD discs were hacked with relative ease within a VERY short amount of time (days after release). When that hack took place, Fox pulled HD titles until the advanced BD+ security of Blu-ray was in place.

Once BD+ was ready (it was an authoring delay, all production players supported it from day one)... Fox began to re-release Hi-def content... on BD, with BD+ security.

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