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Default Re: Which 1080P for sports?

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I'm in the process of purchasing a 42 to 52 inch HD TV. The short comings I have observed in the LCD and some plasma's is the artifact crawl during sports events.

Formula 1, WCR and Hockey are sports I enjoy but not the fuzzies I see when the hockey players skate up center ice or play along the boards thru the protective glass.

What is on the horizon that will satisfy me?

Unfortunately, what ever I buy I have to live with until it dies. So I have to be selective.

Almost everthing out there does not support 1080P Yet...certainly no broadcasts....
I too am a hockey fan out of Montreal. It depends where you live and what your budget is. I am in the industrial electronics business and I also have a small successful software company that specializes in Quality Assurance Testing.

From what I know OLED is coming soon. That's "Organic Light Emitting Diodes". They will not require rear lighting as do Plasma and LCD and are more reliable, take up less space, are considerably flatter and require a lot less energy to operate. Sony has already showcased the product at CES. However up until recently these panels were difficult and expensive to manufacture in large fact some people thought that we would not see any sets of any significance before 5 to 7 years. Notice I said recently? There is a large amount of money that was invested in a lab in China ($1 Billion US) with the help of some asian consumer electronics giant...and Kodak and there have been some interesting breakthroughs. Don't be surprised to see OLED TV's on the market within 2 - 3 years in the 50 to 70 inch sizes completely destroying the LCD and Plasma TV technologies! In fact the TV's have incredible performance characteristics compared with LCD and Plasma and are also incredibly thin too. They also weigh much less. These screens will soon dominate the entire market...even in laptops and as computer screens. One draw back if you could call it that is that is so thin. There will have to be a wire, possibly HDMI linking the TV to a "connector" box for all the older connections such as composite, s-video, compenent video, audio, coax etc. This technology will not be burdoned with all the drawbacks of SED including patent disputes.

But until this technology ends up on your doorstep, or under your xmas tree or on the shelves of the local Best Buy or Costco....I would go with a 720P set and according to Consumer Reports, which did two tests recently, in the larger sizes from 42" to 50" + Plasma is the way to go. Altough I have a lot of respect for Pioneer and love the Pro HD Elite model...sanity has to prevail over $ and so I would go for the same set that CR reported and I would have to agree with: Panasonic. You can probably find a Panasonic 50" Plasma with 720P Native resolution for around $1K and you can not possibly beat it in terms for Bang for the Buck! CR said that the 1080P Panasonic Viera is the best TV they have ever tested! Although I find that hard to believe (with Pioneer Elite, Vidikron and Runco) possibly the best. So for sports Satellite and a Panasonic TV is the way to go. I have a brand new 32 Samsung LCD and have ExpressVu, the leader in HD in Canada IMO and I love watching Hockey in HD....My Home Theater is being designed and I will be using a Panasonic 50" Plasma and if I can solve the wiring issues I would love to have a motorized screen and a LCD projector but I don't think that will happen. BTW over 80 % of Blue Ray and HD DVD movies are not 1080P native, even the box office hit of the year: Transformers was shot in film instead of Digital and on a reference set you can actually see the flaws! No TV is being broadcast in 1080P so IMO save your $ and go with`720P for now...besides not too many people can see the difference between 720P and 1080P sitting 12 feet from the set! Also don't get sucked in to buying an upconverting DVD player....those things are horrible cr@p. The video processors in those things are terrible...what do you expect to 10 cents anyway LOL and besides all the new HDTVs up convert to their native resolution anyway and have much better processors. I would love to get my hands on an old 480P DVD player with the Faroudja processor software! Some receivers and processors also feature this technology too...give your old DVDs some new life!

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