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Default Re: HD or Blu-ray Harry Potter

I would recommend the HD DVD version of Harry Potter 5. Here is a brief comparison:

The video is the same on both discs: 1080p/VC-1

The HD DVD has a Dolby TrueHD track while the Blu-ray has PCM 5.1 (The Blu-ray also has a half dozen other language tracks - I guess that's great if you need a Flemmish audio track)

The main difference lies in the special features. The HD DVD and Blu-ray have the same extra features for the most part. However, the Blu-ray presents the extra features in HD. Both the standard DVD and Blu-ray have 44 minute TV feature not included on the HD DVD. While the special features on the HD DVD are in standard definition for the most part, they have a really nice feature. Both formats have 63-minutes worth of Focus Points. However, the HD DVD has the "In-Movie Experience" which allows you to watch the movie with the Focus Points popping up in a PiP format at the correct moments. The Blu-ray disc lacks this format.

In the end though, if you are not a special features person, the HD DVD and Blu-ray have the same audio/video presentations. If you have an HD-A35 and a PS3, you will definitely get better image and sound quality from the A35. I would get HD DVDs if you have the choice with the 2 components you have.
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