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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
With Warners for sale... if Warners goes HD DVD they're going to be followed quickly by a major studio and my bet is that it will shock 98% of BD backers. Lets just say that Studio is wanting this war to end and they're convinced where ever Warners lands will be the winner.
Well, we know it is not Sony. Disney really wouldn't shock anyone. They voted for TL-51 and twin layer disc. They helped develop HDi and BDJ has been the achilles heel of bluray. Along with ever changing specs and an actual class action suit being prepped against bluray 1.0 manufacturers and their soon to be obsolete players (read more in the forums) it would not surprise me to see a bluray studio go nuetral. This leads me to believe it has to be Fox or MGM. They have been lackluster supporters of bluray anyway as the last year has shown. I don't know if MGM is big enough. Although they were associated with Warner prior and know the massive capabilities of the company from 1st hand knowledge. We all know they are less than impressed with Sony or they wouldn't be with Fox right now. I am kind of thinking Fox if not MGM and this really shocks me. They did bail out of the high def market for over half a year due to what I believe was lackluster sales. It took the Paramount announcement to get them out of retirement. Since then they have delivered only about half the titles they said they would. Well I am sure will find out soon enough.

I don't think the studio going neutral is Universal. That studio could have ended this back in 2005 and chose not to. It doesn't fit their M.O. They have been as adamant supporters of hddvd as Sony has of bluray. Just my logical opinion.

Lotus, do you think this studio will go neutral or change sides completely and go exclusive as Warner does. Excluding New Line of course as they go where Warner goes.

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