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Default Re: Bose LifeStyle 28 - time to upgrade/update

Originally Posted by crimson ghost View Post
Never mind - this forum moves to slow for me. Best to everyone.
Well, should you still be around, There are some excellent speaker companies to check out. But, if you really want to invest wisely and get the best sound, it will require some work and patience on your part. Bring your own DVD`s and CD`s to the store with you. For the obvious reason that you know the material.

Your brother chose very well on the home theater receiver front. Onkyo is a favorite around here. I would say the 805 or 905. Paradigm, B & W, PSB, Monitor Audio, Totem, Klipsch, Polk all make some nice speakers that you could use in a 5.1 setup depending on your budget. Also, it would be helpful if you brought your room dimensions to your dealer as well.

Well, get started and enjoy the experience.
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