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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post
What I meant was that so far Microsoft has publically denied financial involvement (though most industry eyes don't believe them) and Toshiba has been positioned as the source of the financial incentives offered to WB (and paramount/dreamworks). Do you have word on MS direct or indirect involvement in terms of financial influence?

I hope that everyone on the pro-HD DVD side takes a moment and considers exactly what Microsoft's motives really are. Here's a hint: It's not a desire to give you, the videophile, the best disc-based format to deliver transparent audio and video to your home-theater for the coming decades.
David I just want a winner. Period.

I want more titles on a disc in HD and preferably with lossless audio.

If HD DVD is the one fine especially if the 51GB disc works just fine and there really is no reason it shouldn't. The bandwidth lead isn't as important as some think.

As for MS, they' financially involved with the offers. As to their motive... it's strictly pure. I know the Michael Bays and Bill Hunts of the world have this conspiracy theory about them wanting confusion until HD can be downloadable.

The people I know at MS laugh at this because it is just a crazy conspiracy theory. First off we're like 3 years from broadband getting that fast in the States. Then you've got to get people to pay for that broadband service.

They see downloads as supplemental to HD DVD. They really want HD DVD to win.

With Warners for sale... if Warners goes HD DVD they're going to be followed quickly by a major studio and my bet is that it will shock 98% of BD backers. Lets just say that Studio is wanting this war to end and they're convinced where ever Warners lands will be the winner.

If you had MGM, FOX, Disney, and Warners on one side that is the side I'd pick. Universal and Paramount are big but... that other combination is serious. However if it was Universal, Paramount and Warners... that's really hard to ignore and while some think it will stale mate it.... it's just further momentum for HD DVD. So if the other Studio followed it would be the domino effect. Just as Universal is seriously looking at what Warners is going to do.

MS really wants HD DVD to win. So we'll see what happens.
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