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Exclamation Blockbuster chooses Blu-Ray

Engadget says Blockbuster choose Blu-Ray over HD-DVD
El Paso times story

All the people I know have a DVD player & watch movies all the time.
80% of those rent.
They will go to BB to pick up a movie for them & the kids on the weekend & see that BB now has Blu-Ray,
This Xmas there will be Blu-Ray players in the $200-$300 range.
Those with HDTV's will remember that the BB has Blu-Ray movies when Xmas shopping starts & will buy one of the players whos movies can be rented at BB.
This will be big in swaying Joe 6 Pack to Blu-Ray.

This is a big but not a mortal blow to HD-DVD but, if Universal goes format neutral that may be the knock out blow.

The sooner this format war ends the better, we don't need the same situation as DVD-A & SACD where niether format "won" so we have 2 niche formats that never took off.

The sooner there is a winner the sooner prices will drop & the sooner all content will be avalible.
Personally I prefer a hard copy (disc) of my movies so this war needs to end before Bill Gates decides it'll be better to only download movies!!

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