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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Go back and look I said Warners was up for sale last week. It's now been confirmed by a major news outlet (and they say it's up for grabs). Warners can say it's about sales, but the truth is if they pick HD DVD they will point to the standalone player sales. If they pick BD they'll point to software sales for the year. Either way they're covered.

The one with the biggest check wins.

I have friends at the major corporations and the studios. I'm currently in between gigs and I've got offers from both sides of the camp.
What I meant was that so far Microsoft has publically denied financial involvement (though most industry eyes don't believe them) and Toshiba has been positioned as the source of the financial incentives offered to WB (and paramount/dreamworks). Do you have word on MS direct or indirect involvement in terms of financial influence?

I hope that everyone on the pro-HD DVD side takes a moment and considers exactly what Microsoft's motives really are. Here's a hint: It's not a desire to give you, the videophile, the best disc-based format to deliver transparent audio and video to your home-theater for the coming decades.
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