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Default Bose LifeStyle 28 - time to upgrade/update

I bought my Lifestyles 28 4 years ago or so and its time to upgrade (or so I think anyway)

I have some options - I don't mind the Bose system, but personally I don't think the bass response is the best and I dislike the sound quality (at volume) for playing music. All of which may be resolved if I upgrade to the Bose LifeStyle 48 system. (I absolutely HATE that I can't control bass levels without entering a setup mode - that's BS) But before I dump $4,000 into a new Bose system I thought I might search out some experiance. My brother felt I might be able to do a lot more for $4,000 but beyond an Onkyo receiver he had nothing more to offer me. He did suggest I use the Bose cube speakers, replace the basemodule and center channel. I dunno about that - I would rather set the Bose 28 elsewhere in the house or maybe even Ebay it.....gotta be worth a Grand Still.

Any suggestions? my family room puts the viewing area against the back wall, so speakers are mounted above and to the sides - since you can't get rear speakers behind the listening area. Suggestions?
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