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Genesis in 5.1 is SUCH a joy! I was up til 2:30am listening to the 5 studio albums in reverse order and was not disappointed. The EQ is a tad bright and the Denon receiver has been in tone defeat for the entire 3 years of use. I turned it on and applied a -2db cut to Treble and that brought it into line for my ears.

Listening to the Extra Tracks SACD 5.1 disc now; this features some of the greatest non-lp music they did such as Inside And Out (issued as rare 3" CD years ago and I have one). Goosebumps as it plays right now....

I will say this, I want Seconds Out (live) on 5.1 SACD in the worst way now! Saw this 1977 tour twice and witnessed the band on perhaps it's third peak of a different kind. Cue up the last 60 seconds and play it loud. That's as powerful as any band you're ever heard live.

NOTE to live album dissers: Studio records are carefully constructed ILLUSIONS where musicians generally add and subtract parts to arrive at a finished product. Live albums are honest performances unless tinkered with. If your particular favorite artist can't cut it live, that is not my problem.
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