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Originally Posted by MoosePond View Post
and it's a question that I hope owners of HD screens answer with a resounding YES! Of course, I might be prejudiced as I'm headed to Boca tomorrow to become isf certified. The cost of the course should pay for itself in calibrating my own 3 HD sets and those of our immediate family.

Plus I just might set myself up as a freelancer as most of the guys around here (Westchester County, NY) are affiliated with a particular retailer and/or installer and there's only 6 isf certified guys in the entire state of VT (none within 30 miles of Manchester or Stratton) and only 3 with equipment.
Enjoy yourself. When you get back, please let me know what you thought of the course. Since I`ll be going in 2008. Have a safe trip there and back. Interesting you mentioned Westchester County. I live in White plains.
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