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Smile Re: Happy Holidays to you all!

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Well, the holidays are upon us again and I hope they find all of you well. Living in Florida and a former northerner, I often find it difficult to 'get into the spirit' this time of year. 80+ degree weather and the glut of Canadians driving as silly as they do on my local streets can make it more of a frustration than a blessing at times.

But not tonight!

I have Christmas songs playing on the server and the tree is on it's way, a solid pour of 18y/o Talisker is in my hand and I am post call! I t doesn't get much better than this! I've done most of my shopping and my job is back to a full compliment of Docs so my life should get easier too!

I hope this season finds you and all yours happy and healthy!

You know kenny, I always wondered what it was like to have Christmas with bright sunshine. And no cold, no wind, no snow, no Macy`s day Parade, no tree at Rockefeller Center. I guess it does take some getting use to.
Well, I have not shopped for a thing, yet. But it sounds like with your drink (What is it, Brandy, Scotch?) you are relaxed, calm, new PS3, new Levinsons, Mytho`s on the way, not on call with the hospital, in a good place. What else could you ask for?

Likewise, let me be the first to wish you and your family a blessed, safe, and peaceful Merry Christmas.
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