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Cool Re: Panasonic Introduces Next-Generation Blu-ray Disc Player, the DMP-BD30

Thanks for the quick responses.
Yep, I upgraded to 1.2 right away and that didn't seem to do anything, good or bad.
I can always get around the handshake issue. It seems that the Sharp is not happy if I switch it from DISH (HDMI 5) to Panny (HDMI 6) with the BD30 already on. If I switch first, then turn on the BD30, 'usually' no problem. If I do have one, then I can power cycle the BD30 and it clears it up.
Kind of annoying, but I really do love the quality I'm getting with the 1080P Sharp display and the BD30. I'll send some queries off to Sharp and Panasonic, just for grins. Maybe they will actually respond.
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